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Great Experience
Ritesh C

Great Software. I liked the software very much. Each and every screen is per my requirement. Majorly the maternity ward. Even the reports also are according to my requirement.
Some of the features i love are:
1. Patients Appointments
2. Patient Registrations
3. Maternity Ward
4. Pregnant Patient Management
5. Gynaenic Patient Management

Best Part of the Software is Prescription
Dr. Nimja

I can directly write the prescription in to the software. No need to write on a paper and again enter it in software.
Major screens which i like are :
1. Patient E-Precription
2. Giving Test results to patinets
3. Covered each and every requirement for a maternity ward including Abdomen examination Data

Easy to Use
Dr.Kaptan Singh

Very easy to use and user friendly. Me and my team very much liked the software especially
1. Patient Services
2. IP and OP Cycle Reports
3. Pregnant Patient
4. Blood Bank in Maternity ward
5. Finance Management