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Donor Registration, Camp Donations, Blood Unit or Donor Screening, Cross Matching, Blood Unit Inventories, Patient Issues, Finance & Billing, Blood Bank Staff Management

Badar Blood Bank


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02 Nov 2019
Lifetime License

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Key Features

  • Life time license one time payment, No annual subscription or monthly payment
  • Full license system including database of patient records in your system/server
  • Free online service and support during business hours 7 days a week from 10AM to 6:30PM Indian Standard Time
  • Annual Maintenance for after free 12 Months service can be entered optionally
  • Donor Registration
  • Blood Screening
  • Component Management
  • Blood Requisition
  • Croos Matching
  • Blood Issues
  • Blood Discards
  • Blood Inventory
  • Donor Card / Donation Letters / Templates
  • Individual and Summary Reports
  • Mobile Campus Management
  • Finance And Accounting Module
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System Requirements

  • Desktops / Laptops: Windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
  • SQL Server : Free SQL express editions 2014 (or) 2017 or Licensed LAN Editions
  • Servers : windows 2012/2016/2019
  • Any Processor/Brand : Dual Core /Octa Core/ Core 2 duo
  • RAM : Above 500 MB
  • Hard Disk : 80 GB or Above
  • Free space : 1 GB
  • CD/DVD Drive/USB port : Yes
  • GUI Installed : Yes
  • MS-Office : 2010 or Above
  • Anti-Virus Status : Yes
  • Resolution : 1024 By 768
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Features and Specifications

  • Netripples Blood Bank Management System (Arabic Version) Software is a comprehensive ready to use software designed to automate and manage the activities of the Blood Bank which includes Donor Registration, Camp Donations, Blood Unit or Donor Screening, Cross Matching, Blood Unit Inventories, Patient Issues, Finance & Billing, Blood Bank Staff Management. Over 100 Individual/Summary Reports helps in electronic documentation and print Management of all Stages of Blood Bank Operations. Each function comes with User Friendly Screens with built-in Help, Security & Administration of Software along with Auto Report Headers are other flexible features of the Software. Key Modules covered are listed here.
  • Donor Registration : This module manages all types of Donor Registrations, New Donors, Regular Donors, Autologus Directed Donors, Camp Donors, Replacement Donors, Aphaeresis Donors, and also tracks the Donors who are deferred temporarily and permanently. Donor Search facilitates easy registration process and helps in alerting any fraudulent Donations and more...
  • Blood Screening Management : This module manages and facilitates in Blood Screening (Blood Group Test), Microbiology Tests, Immunohaematology, Serology and other Blood Screening tests with results capulated in well formatted reports and more...
  • Component Management : This module manages and facilitates Component Preparation, Setup of Component Combinations, and also helps in Stock update to Main Inventory from Quarantine Stock post Test results Verification and more...
  • Blood Requisition Management Module : This module manages and facilitates all Requests for Blood Units, Process the requests for sample tests and screening and organize for Blood Unit Reservation for specified period for Issue at an even of surgery or defined date by Hospital. You can setup Blood Requests and Reservation Parameters Setup, organize for Sample for Samples Test/Cross Matching functions and more..
  • Cross Matching and Blood Issues : This module manages and facilitates all Samples and Blood Unit Cross Matching, Manage Patient Blood Group testing, Manage Issues to Patients, Hospitals, Record Post Transfusion Data, Releasing of Cross Matched Blood Units, You can also Manage and Release Bulk Blood Unit Issues to Other Blood Banks, Hospitals SAT Centers with or without cross match as buffer stock or Emergency Issues.
  • Blood Discards Module : This module manages all Blood Units Discards, Expired Units, Damaged Units, QC checked Units and reactive Blood units.
  • Finance and Billing Module : This module manages and facilitates Patient Bill Preparation, Free Issues, and Processing Charges to Patient and Blood Bank returns /Refunds Management, Blood Units issued on Credit, Bulk Issues, SAT Centers Part payments, bills adjustments, Bills Payable, Bills receivables and Outstanding Payments and Issue receipts.
  • Returns Module : This module manages and facilitates all return of Blood Units to Blood Bank.
  • Blood Inventory Management Module : This module manages all Blood Unit Inventory / Stock both Screened and Unscreened Blood Units and update the anytime any day stock and can help in updating in Blood Bank Bulletin Boards Websites, Auto SMS on Group wise stock . A comprehensive Stock Search, Anytime Stock Statement and various Component based inventory reports along with Audit trail is provided. Alert system helps in assessing the near to expiry units for facilitating the action from Blood Bank.
  • Quality Control Management Module : This module manages and facilitates All Quality Control Operations including Empty Blood Bags Quality Check, anti-coagulant Status, Damages Blood Banks, Leaking, Bags, Fungus Formed bags, expired bags, Random Stock Checks and Inventory reviews and Mandatory QC process of Blood Bank.
  • Hemophilia / Thaleseemian Patients Management Module :This module manages and facilitates the registration of all Hemophilia and Thalesemia Patients including counseling sessions, Vaccination Alerts, Doctors Meetings, reminders, transfusion reactions, Transfusion data, and manage the Patient Clinical and statistical Data with ready letter templates and SMS alerts as an options.
  • Blood Bank Vendor Management Module :This module facilitates in Setup of Items, vendors, record Transactions Purchase orders, Purchase returns, various Inventory Reports both individual and summary reports.

  • HR Management Module : This module facilitates Employee Registration, Payroll, Employee Attendance and Leave Register, generating Employee Appointments and Offer Letters, generating Employee Pay Slip, recording Employee Promotions and Relieving and Petty cash payments. It also includes various Individual/Summary reports related to HR department along with the setup and control screens for easy customization as per the requirement.
  • Donor Recruitment Module : This module facilitates Organizers Registration, Recording Mobile Session/Camp Plan, Camp Schedule, and Camp Completion along with Camp Report.
  • Reports Module : This module facilitates all kinds of Individual/Summary reports which are available for viewing and printing purposes. Few of the reports are listed below:
  • Blood Bank - MIS Reports : It contains Blood Donation Register, Donor Blood Grouping Register, Screening Test Register, and Detailed Report of Blood Units Shifted to Inventory, Cross Match Register, and Blood Issue Register.
  • General Summary Reports : It contains Billing Summary Report, Component Wise Bill Summary, Bulk Issue Cash Bill Summary, Blood Discard Summary, Refund Summary Register, Free Billing Summary Report, Quality Control Summary Register, Hemophilia Register, Virology Case Tracking Register, Prospective Donor List, Master Record Summary, Credit Billing Summary, and Bulk Issue Credit Summary.
  • Setup and User Creation Module :This module facilitates managing Report Header, New User Creation, and Change of User Password.

Installation Help

  • After downloading the software extract the downloaded software and follow the steps to proceed with installation.

  • Step-1 : Click on the setup icon and then click on the Install button

  • Step-2 : Now the installation process may take few minutes while installing.

  • Step-3 : Click on the Finish Button to complete the installation Process.

  • Step-4 : After installation please Click on the Desktop Shortcut Icon of Product.

  • Step-5 : Enter SQL Server Login Name and password then click continue.

  • Step-6 : Enter Product key and then click on Activate to Complete the Installation.
for further details e-mail us at support@netripples.com