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THIS Software - FAll RIS / PACS test Appointment Module|Medical Record Tracking | Nursing Management software | Operation Theater management software | Order management software | Radiology Information System software| Recieption & Enquiry, Store managementsoftware|

Software Setup & Administration ,All Patients Appointments module ,FAll RIS / PACS test Appointment Module ,Registration & Admission Management ,Lab Information System ,Medical Record Tracking ,Nursing Management ,Operation Theater management ,Order management ,Pharmacy management ,Radiology Information System ,Recieption & Enquiry ,Store management



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Key Features

  • Life time license one time payment, No annual subscription or monthly payment
  • Free online service and support during business hours 7 days a week from 10AM to 6:30PM Indian Standard Time
  • Annual Maintenance for after free 12 Months service can be entered optionally
  • Software Setup & Administration
  • All Patients Appointments module
  • FAll RIS / PACS test Appointment Module
  • Registration & Admission Management
  • Lab Information System
  • Medical Record Tracking
  • Nursing Management
  • Operation Theater management
  • Order management
  • Pharmacy management
  • Radiology Information System
  • Recieption & Enquiry
  • Store management
  • Truma And Emergency
  • Patient Accounting And Billing
  • Center Sterlization management
  • Critical Care & Operating management
  • Specialiities - Dermatology
  • Specialiities - Gynecology
  • Specialiities - Pediatrics
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Hospital Staff management Module
  • Finance And Accounting Module
  • Kitchen Module
  • Dietician Module
    • Manage Indents
    • Manage Receivings
    • MManage Sales/Raise Bills
    • Manage Sales Returns
    • Drug Search
    • Manage Credit/Pending Bills
    • Issue Returns
    • Setttings
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System Requirements

  • Desktops / Laptops: Windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
  • SQL Server : Free SQL express editions 2014 (or) 2017 or Licensed LAN Editions
  • Servers : windows 2012/2016/2019
  • Any Processor/Brand : Dual Core /Octa Core/ Core 2 duo
  • RAM : Above 500 MB
  • Hard Disk : 80 GB or Above
  • Free space : 1 GB
  • CD/DVD Drive/USB port : Yes
  • GUI Installed : Yes
  • MS-Office : 2010 or Above
  • Anti-Virus Status : Yes
  • Resolution : 1024 By 768
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Features and Specifications

  • Netripples Total Hospital Information System is a comprehensive solution designed to automate the activities of the Hospital. It is designed with an easy-to-use user interface. System has the capability to administer the total enterprise & efficiently manage information. The system is designed modularly. Integrating modules and adding users allows the flexibility of the user to plan implementation in phases.
  • Appointments Module : This module helps in scheduling appointment of the patient, RIS Test appointments, Operation Theatre Appointment, Physician Schedule Slots along with various reports related to Appointments.

  • Registration And Admission Management : This is the Module to be used by the front office staff and help in Inpatient Enquiry, Outpatient Search, Registration, Visit Cancellation, Bed Status , Inpatient Admission, Pre-Admission, Blocking and Unblocking of Beds, New Born Baby Admission, Ward/Bed Transfer, Mortuary Statistics, Mortuary Embalmer, Billing Request for an Inpatient, Patient Credit Status, Billing Status, Discharge Status, Medical Record Request and Receiving along with various reports covering all the important aspects of Registration and Admission of Patient.
  • Specialities : Specialties such as Gynecology, Dermatology, Obesity, Pediatrics, General Medicines are fully integrated with the software to help the doctors from the respective specialties to monitor patient's Clinical Observations, Signs & Symptoms, Medical Examinations, Tests/Investigations, Recording of Patient's Provisional Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Conclusion and even the transfer request to other departments/specialties. Each specialties has its own setup and control for easy customization depending on the usage.
  • Nursing Management: This module facilitates the working of a Nurse in the Nursing department such as Patient's Search, Nurse Allocation, Maintaining Patient's Progress Sheet, Tests and Drugs Advice, Test and Drug Requisitions, Patient's Transfer, Material and Service Order Request, Patient's Checking, Consultant's Visits, Receiving Drugs, Discard Items, Stock Maintenance, Help Desk. This module has its own Setup and Controls for easy customization by the respective hospital depending on their needs. Various reports related to Nursing Department are available for viewing and printing purposes.
  • Order Management : This module can be used for ordering either Material or Services from respective departments. Various reports related to Order status is available for printing.

  • Lab Information System : THIS application is integrated with WINLAB for the laboratory related test reports. It has its own setup and User Creation along with setting up of report formats.

  • Radiology Information System : This module supports all the work related to Radiology Department such as Outpatient Direct Registration, Searching of Patient's Test Orders, Resource Scheduling, Film Tracking, Results Entry, Authorizing Test Results, Receipts from Inventory, Patient's Attendance, Patient's past history, Service order cancellation. It has its own setup and control for easy customization depending on the usage. Various test reports related to Radiology tests are available for printing purposes.
  • Critical Care and Operating Management : This module makes the life of Critical Care and Operating Department very simple. It helps in Patient's Registration, Medical Management, Pre-operative checklist, Pre-anesthetists session , Surgeons pre-operative environment, Intra Operative Checklist, Intra Anesthetist Session, Surgeons Intra Operative Environment, Post Anesthetist Session, Surgeons Post-Operative Environment, Post-Operative(Recovery Room), Surgical Record. It also has its own setup and control for easy customization along with various reports related to this module.
  • Electronic Medical Record : This module helps in tracking the medical record for patient and also helps in Requesting Medical Record, Overdue Medical Record Enquiry, Physician enquiry, Physician Day wise Appointment Enquiry, Inpatient enquiry, ICD disease code enquiry. It also has various reports related to this module for printing purposes.
  • Pharmacy Management: Pharmacy module incorporates all the basic operations of a pharmacist such as Requisition of stock, Issuing of Stock, Receiving of stock, Maintenance of stock, Drug Type and Drug Name setup, Outpatient Dispensing, Inpatient Dispensing, Total Parental Nutrition. There is setup and control for easy customization along with various reports related to Pharmacy department for view and printing.
  • Human Resource Management: This module makes the working of HR Department fully automated and helps in new recruitment, identifying job vacancies, resume screening and search, Housemen Schedule, Employee Staff Service, Transfer of staff, Promotion, retirement/termination of staff, Appraisal of staff, Benefits and Claims, Leave Administration, Training of staff, Time management, Payroll management. It has its own setup and control for easy customization based on the need along with various reports related to HR Department for view and printing purposes.
  • Finance and Accounting Management:This is a financial package which helps the finance department in setting up General Ledger, Voucher entries, Funds Management, Assets Management, Setup Budget and Control. Various reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Trial balance is also available for view and printing purposes.
  • Medical Record Tracking Module: This module helps in Medical Record Creation, Dispatch of medical record, Receiving of medical records, searching and archiving of medical record along with medical record check list. It also has its own setup and control for easy customization along with various reports related to this department.
  • Operation Theatre Management: This module helps in scheduling surgery, cancellation and rescheduling the surgery, consent form sign off, surgery work sheet, Tray sets maintenance. There is setup and control in this module for easy customization as per the usage and need.
  • Patient Accounting and Billing Management: This module covers Inpatient bill, Outpatient Bill, Issuing of Duplicate Bills, setting up of Cashier for bill collection, deposit collection. There is setup and control for Cashier Management - Counter Allocation, Counter Allotment, Cashier Login Creation, Setup billing packages, Setup Billing Classes - Service Charges, Test Charges, Doctor Charges, Setup Bed Charges, Setup Insurance, Setup Corporate/Company Details. It also has various reports related to Patient accounting and billing for view and printing purposes.
  • Purchase Management:It covers all purchase department related work such as Making Quotations, Purchase Order, Material Resource Planning. It has its own setup and control for easy customization based on the needs along with various reports related to this department for view and printing purposes.
  • Store Management : This module helps the Store Manager in managing the store in a better and systematic way such as Material Receipts Management, Material Issues Management, Material Returns, Stock Counting, Material Reservation Management, Material Transfer from one location to another. There is setup and control for easy customization based on the needs along with various reports related to store department for printing purposes.
  • Trauma and Emmergency Management: This module covers emergency call registration, Ambulance Booking, Patient Registration, Patient Tracking, Emergency status Board, Nurse Care, Investigation, Prescription Writing, Physician Charting, LAMA Discharge, Discharge of a patient, Ambulance Management, Ambulance Maintenance. It has its own setup and control for easy customization as per the needs along with various reports for reporting purposes.
  • Kitchen Module:This module covers all the Kitchen related tasks such as Receive Meals Orders, Chef Page - Calculate meal details, Meals distribution, Request Meal/Ingredients for Purchase Department, Receive Material/Ingredients after Purchase Dept. , Stock status, Receive Requisitions from Kitchen, Purchase material list. It has its own setup and control for easy customization along with various reports related to Kitchen Module.
  • Dietician Module: This module covers all the dietician related tasks such as Dietary Profile Summary, Meal Cancel or Update, Receiving Meal, Patient Meal Distribution, Ward Transfer Status. It has its own setup and control for easy customization based on the needs along with various reports related to this module.
  • Setup and Administration Module:This module helps in customizing the application along with user creation to have access to specific module as per the permission rights.
  • Specialty modules include dental, ENT, cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedic, chest, general physician plus dialectology and skin dermatology, gynecology. The specialty modules are modular, integrated, offer a user-friendly graphical user interface as well as being easy to operate and can be customized. Moreover, help is offered, the modules are easy to install, and lastly have low system requirements.
  • Netripples Hospital Management System contains a strong and secure database to suite a small hospital of 10 beds to 200+-bedded big hospitals. Records can range from (5000 to 100,000) and above.

Installation Help

   To help you in a proper installation of web product on the identified server, It needs a coordination from your end, and will be done online using any desktop access with in 24 hours from the date of the purchase, If the installation conditions are satisfactory at the site server. You need to call 9666999800, 9666999885 or use whatsapp or internet free calls to help you in a proper installation. A free training will be also given post installation at your scheduled time.

  • After downloading the software extract the downloaded software and follow the steps to proceed with installation.

  • Step-1 : Click on the setup icon and then click on the [Next >] button .On clicking [Next>] button it will open License Agreement screen. Read the EULA agreement carefully and click on the I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button and Click on the [Next >] button to continue installation.

  • Step-2 : Enter User Name and Organization name and click on the [Next>] button.

  • Step-3 : Click on the Install Button to start the installation process.

  • Step-4 : Now the installation process may take few minutes while installing.

  • Step-5 : Click on the Finish Button to complete the installation Process.

  • Step-6 : After installation please Click on the Desktop Shortcut Icon of Product.

  • Step-7 : Enter SQL Server Login Name and password then click continue.

  • Step-8 : Enter Product key and then click on Activate to Complete the Installtion.
for further details e-mail us at support@netripples.com