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Medical Health Center with blood bank software

Hospital Software,Patient Appointments, Registration of Inpatient/Outpatient,Investigation Management,Cashier management, Hospital Staff Management, Pharmacy Management, Finance & Accounting, Dental management, Pediatrics management, Blood bank management

Clinic Hospital System


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21 Nov 2020
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Key Features

  • Life time license one time payment, No annual subscription or monthly payment
  • Full license system including database of patient records in your system/server
  • Free online service and support during business hours 7 days a week from 10AM to 6:30PM Indian Standard Time
  • Annual Maintenance for after free 12 Months service can be entered optionally
  • Patient Appointments
  • Out Patient Management
    • Out Patient Search
    • Out Patient Registration
    • Out Patient Prescription
    • Out Patient Consultancy Cancellation
    • Out Patient Investigations
    • Out Patient Bill Preparation
    • Out Patient Cycle Report
  • In Patient Management
    • In Patient Search
    • In Patient Registration
    • In Patient Prescription
    • In Patient Bed Transfer
    • Bed Occupancy Search
    • Register Doctor Visit
    • Cancel Doctor Visit
    • In Patient Investigations
    • In Patient Services
    • In Patient Bill Estimation
    • In Patient Discharge Management
    • In Patient Bill Preparation
    • In Patient Discharge Summary
    • In Patient Cycle Reports
  • OP/IP Investigations Management
    • OP/IP Investigation Test Result Entry
    • OP/IP Investigation Test Reports
  • Pharmacy Management
    • Manage Locations
    • Manage Drugs
    • Manage Suppliers
    • Pharmacy List
    • Manage Purchase Orders
    • Manage Receivings
    • Manage Supplier Payments
    • Manage Issues
    • Manage Sales/Raise Bills
    • Manage Credit/Pending Bills
    • Manage Sales Returns
    • Manage Purchase Returns
    • Manage Issue Returns
    • Drug Search
    • Reports
    • Manage Report Headers
    • Settings
    • Setup Opening Balance
    • Backup Manager
    • Manage Indents
    • Manage Receivings
    • Manage Sales/Raise Bills
    • Manage Sales Returns
    • Drug Search
    • Manage Credit/Pending Bills
    • Issue Returns
    • Setttings
  • Cashier Management
  • HR Management
    • Setup Employee Qualification
    • Setup Employee Type
    • Setup Employee/Staff Designation
    • Setup Department/Division
    • Setup Standard Employee Leave Types
    • Employee /Staff Registrations
    • Leave Request Entry
    • Air Ticket Entitlement
    • Air Ticket Entitlement Pending Approval
    • End of Service Benefits
    • Manage Attendance
    • Manage Change of Employee Status
    • Employee Payslip Generation
    • HRM Reports
  • Finance Management
    • Create Company
    • Setup General Ledger
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Create Purchase Orders
    • Receive Materials
    • Enter Vendor Bills
    • Purchase returns
    • Create Sales Invoices
    • Receive Materials
    • Enter Sale/Payment Receipts
    • Sales returns
    • Enter Vouchers
    • Debit Entries
    • Credit Entries
    • Bank Receipts
    • Bank Receipts Reconciliations
    • Cash Receipts
    • Cash Receipts Reconciliations
    • Funds Transfer
    • Create Fixed Assets
    • Fixed Assets Maintenance
    • Setup Assets Depreciation
    • Setup Budget Category
    • Setup Budget
    • Administration
    • Backup Manager
    • New User Creation
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit and Loss Statement
    • Trial Balance
    • Close Accounts
  • Setup Administration
    • Users Management
    • Setup Corporate / Companies
    • Register Insurance Company
    • Setup Laboratories
    • Setup Investigations / Tests
    • Setup Specialities
    • Setup Doctors / Consultants
    • Setup Wards / Rooms
    • Setup Patient Services
    • Setup Insurance Contract
    • Setup Doctors Consultation Charges
    • Setup Reference Doctor Commissions
    • Setup Packages
    • Backup Manager
    • Return to Main Screen
    • Configure Email and SMS
  • Application Setup
  • Pediatrics
    • Child Growth
    • Neonatal
    • Immunization
    • Immunization Control
    • Medical History
  • Dentos
    • New Registration
    • Search
    • Setup Users
    • Setup Specialities
    • Setup Dentists
    • Setup Corporate
    • Setup Surgeries
    • Setup Services
    • Setup Configuration Email and SMS
    • Item Master
    • Vendors
    • Purchase Order
    • Receiving
    • Receiving History
    • Discard Items
    • Stock Details
    • Opening Balance
    • Inventory Type
    • Appointments
    • Diagnosis
    • Purchase Order
    • Billing with Appointments
    • Billing without Appointments
    • Recalls
    • Reports Module
    • MIS Reports
    • Clinic Details
    • Backup Manager
  • Voluntary Blood Bank
    • Donor Registration
    • Deferred Donors
    • Donor Search
    • Prospective Donor
    • Immuno Haematology
    • Blood Screening
    • Component Preparation
    • Shift to Inventory / Unquarentine Process
    • Blood Requesition
    • Cross Matching
    • Blood Unit Issues to Patients
    • Record Transfusion data
    • Reserve Cross Match Blood Units
    • Record Bulk Blood Units Issues
    • Bulk Blood Units - Credit Payments
    • Discard Blood units / Issue Reactive Letters
    • Prepare Bill for Patients
    • Issue refunds
    • Blood Units - Credit Status /Record Payments
    • Record Blood Unit Returns
    • Blood Unit Stock Search
    • Blood Units Stock Statement
    • Search Blood Unit Issues
    • Expired Stock Status / Alert Screen
    • Blood Unit Quality Check/li>
    • Empty Blood Bags Daily Quality Check
    • Register Hemophilia Patients
    • Release Purchase Orders
    • Record and receive Items
    • Record Items Issues
    • Record Purchase returns
    • Record Issue Returns
    • All Inventory Reports"
    • Setup Manufacturers
    • Setup Item Category
    • Setup Item Sub Category
    • Setup Items
    • Setup Vendors / Suppliers
    • Setup Departments in Blood Bank
    • Setup Components /Names
    • Setup Component Combinations
    • Setup Types of Hospitals
    • Setup types of Other Blood Banks
    • Setup and Register Other Blood Banks
    • Setup Types of Blood Bag
    • Setup Standard Blood Unit Discard Reasons
    • Setup Blood Inventory / Storage Location
    • Setup Reagents
    • Setup Phlebotomist
    • Setup Types of Organization for Donors
    • Setup Types of Organizers Communications
    • Setup Representatives of Organizers
    • Setup ISBT Barcode
    • Setup Type of Donation
    • Setup Donor Classification
    • Setup Blood Unit Request Category
    • Setup Blood unit Request Sub-Category
    • Register Organizers
    • Record Mobile Session /Camp Plan
    • Record Mobile Session /Camp Location Visit
    • Record Mobile Session/Camp Schedule
    • Record Mobile Session /Camp completion Data
    • Mobile Session /Camp Reports
    • Blood Bank - MIS reports
    • Setup New Users
    • Reset Password
    • Configuration & Installation Settings
    • BackUp Manager
  • Reports


System Requirements

  • Desktops / Laptops: Windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10
  • SQL Server : Free SQL express editions 2014 (or) 2017 or Licensed LAN Editions
  • Servers : windows 2012/2016/2019
  • Any Processor/Brand : Dual Core /Octa Core/ Core 2 duo
  • RAM : Above 500 MB
  • Hard Disk : 80 GB or Above
  • Free space : 1 GB
  • CD/DVD Drive/USB port : Yes
  • GUI Installed : Yes
  • MS-Office : 2010 or Above
  • Anti-Virus Status : Yes
  • Resolution : 1024 By 768
Features and Specifications

Netripples Medical Health Center Software is a comprehensive ready to use software designed to manage and automate the operations of Medical Health Center which includes Patient Appointments, Registration of Inpatient/Outpatient, Investigation Management, Cashier management, Hospital Staff Management, Hospital Inventory Management, Pharmacy Management, Finance & Accounting, Dental management, Pediatrics management, Blood bank management and over 200 Individual/Summary reports. User Friendly Screens with built-in Help, Security & Administration of Software along with Auto Report Headers are other flexible features of the Software. Key Modules covered are listed here.

Patient's Appointment Module : This Module covers Speciality-wise Clinic Schedule Setup and Administration, Setup Doctors Consultation Time with each patient, Manage Doctors Schedules and reschedules, , Manage Doctor Vacation Management,. Manage Patient Appointments and reschedule Appointments, Doctors & Speciality OP Clinic Based Summary and Individual reports, Connectivity to Patient Registration, Effective Patient Search and Recalls, Holidays Management etc.

Outpatient Management Module : This module manages all Out Patients and records transactions with Outpatient Registrations, Medical History, Examinations and other chief Complaints and manages Patient Archives.

Inpatient Management Module : This module manages all In-Patient Registrations recording patient Medical History, Clinical Information, Chief Complaints, Treatment Plan, Nursing Notes, Investigation result update, Medical Disorders, recording various medical examinations data, and also manages Patient archives.

Outpatient/Inpatient Investigations Management : This module manages Investigation and tests with Test parameter setup, Administration, result entries and also comes in built in standard test Template formats including generating well formatted Test reports.

Cashier Management : This module manages all patient payments and includes charge collection against the invoices/ Bills generated at various stages and recording the receipts, Payments including cash counter opening cash and closing cash details.

HR Management : This module manages and facilitates Employee Registration, Payroll, Employee Attendance and Leave Register, generating Employee Appointments and Offer Letters, generating Employee Pay Slip, recording Employee Promotions and Relieving and Petty cash payments. It also includes various Individual/Summary reports related to HR department along with the setup and control screens for easy customization as per the requirement.

Pharmacy Management : This module manages Pharmacy Billing, Pharmacy Supplier management, Pharmacy Stock management, Raise Purchase Orders, Manage Purchase Returns, Raise Invoices/ Manage Issue /Sales Returns, and Setup and manages multiple pharmacy sales/Issue counters. There are over 100 Individual/Summary reports both functional flow and financial flow records including receipts and billings.

Administration and Security Setup : This function allows the software Administration setup, Add, Modify, activate, inactive , Doctors, Staff, users, Charges, Consultations, Surgeries, Operations, First visit/Second Visit/Multiple Visit Charges, Doctors Share, Hospital Share for Outside consultants, RMP Commissions, Referrals Commissions and Margins and many more.

Financial Accounting Management Module : This is a Financial Accounting Module and saves the efforts of standard account package interface as it comes built in within the data and seamless integration. Key functions include Purchase Order/Returns Sales, Invoices/Returns, Balance Sheet/Trail Balance, Profit & Loss Statements, Chart Of account/Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Asset Management and Cash/Bank Reconciliation along with all the relevant Individual/Summary reports pertaining to financial department can be generated and printed for reporting purposes.

Dental Management Module : Netripples Dental management Module designed to manage and automate the operations of Dental OP Clinic in Medical Health Center. Key Operations include separate Patient Registration Management, All Patient Appointments, All Stores and Inventories Management, All Prescriptions Diagnosis and Treatment Plans. Over 100 Individual/Summary reports are available covering all stages of Operations. User Friendly screens with built-in Help, Security & Administration of Software along with User Management, Charges, Services, Surgeries, Consultants and Print of Auto Report Headers.

Pediatrics management : Netripples Pediatric clinic module designed to manage and automate the operations of the Pediatric OP/IP clinic in Medical Health Center. Key Operations include Child Growth, Neonatal, Immunization, Immunization control, Medical History and over 200 Individual/Summary reports. User Friendly Screens with built in Help, Security & Administration of Software along with Auto Report Headers are other flexible features of the Software.

Voluntary Blood Bank Module : This Module covers all Blood Bank related activities such as Donor Registration, Blood Screening, Components Management, Blood Requisition Management, and Cross Matching and Blood Issues Management.

Reports Module : This module covers all Individual & Summary reports which are available for viewing and printing purposes covering the following:

Specialty modules include dental, ENT, cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopedic, chest, general physician plus dialectology and skin dermatology, gynecology. The specialty modules are modular, integrated, offer a user-friendly graphical user interface as well as being easy to operate and can be customized. Moreover, help is offered, the modules are easy to install, and lastly have low system requirements.

Netripples Hospital Management System contains a strong and secure database to suite a small hospital of 10 beds to 200+-bedded big hospitals. Records can range from 5000 to 1 lakh and above.

Installation Help
for further details e-mail us at support@netripples.com