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Best Software
Rajesh Mehara

Very simple and easy to use and user friendly. Very easy to navigate with in the screens.
Designed the reports according to my requirements which is very helpfull.
Excellent customer service which helped me in thorough training of the software

Excellent software

Excellent software. I can manage diagnostic lab with HR and Finance requirements also.
I can post my bills directly into finance management which is very usefull. Previously it was very difficult, I have to enter all my bills again. Now it is very helpfull

Business Has Become Easier
Dr. Abdu

Business Has Become Easier.It has been a time saving and a most helpful thing for my retail pharmacy business. The software has many key features like pharmacy mangement, HR management, Finance mangement and much more which are useful.
Some of the features which are excellent are :
1. Easily can give investigation reports to patients
2. Manage all my inventory at one place
3. Can generate payslips for employees with ease
4. Can generate balance sheet with out much knowledge