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Netripples Refund Policy

Refund Policy :

1) You will be eligible for full refund in case of not satisfied with product or you find errors in the software with 30 days of purchase.

2) You will have free help desk support online by registering with your registered email or mobile. Click here for login.

3) Any User will have opportunity to report an issue or error in the product by posting an Issue at Help Desk provided in the Web store. Provision is made to allow user to send an attachment of Screen Shot of the error page in any product. For Posting an Issue the User must login with their registered Id and Password which they possess with them and or register yourself if new registration.

4) In case of emergency or urgent support you can call on +919666999800 or +919666999885 anytime.

5) Netripples support team will respond to you within 24 hours by email or in case you have posted this through helpdesk.

6) You are eligible for free customization consulting service.

7) Netripples at all times will resolve the issue for all users and in case still found unresolved due to fault identified technical the user will have complete refund of the amount paid.