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Netripples Product Delivery

Product Delivery :

The Customer is delivered either full version or Trail Version of Products as listed in the Web store.

Registration is must for any User for any of the Trail or full version downloads.

1. Customer must register at Netripples Shopping Web Store at link provided in the Home page or clicking any product for purchase can also take to registration page

2. After registration an email is sent to the registered email id with user id and password for login and simultaneously the visitor is taken to MY account page with auto login.

3. After Login, the Visitor can choose the relevant product and click the relevant Icon or Book Icon of the product

4. Choice of Trail Version ( 30 days ) or Full Version is provided for user to Select accordingly .

5. In case the user does not have Database they will be provided a link for downloading SQL Server Express Edition which is given freely by Microsoft.

6. The user now gets this email id with a License Key as soon as the user clicks the download Button.

7. The user now gets the zip folder of the Product which has been chosen.

8. The user now unzips the folder and extracts the files on a selected location.

9. An installation icon is available on the folder and the user clicks that icon and the installation process gets started.

10. A desktop icon gets generated after installation.

11. The User clicks the desktop icon and will encounter a Licence Key entry Screen. the user will enter the License key issued through email to the user and the installation of product gets complete.