clinic hospital
Clinic Hospital
Standard Processes and Functions Training / e- Learning Pages

We thank you for downloading and installing Netripples Total Hospital Information system product. To help you further , we have setup the Video tutorial or E-learning page with Videos as below to explore the various features process and functions of the software that should help you in your operations.

You can open the Drop Down Menu below and select the Operations and view the Video to know how to process and enter data in the respective screens . You can also see the various reports which you can generate from the Software.

Master Patient Registration: Search registered patients in between the dates.Patient information like Registration number, Name, Gender, Blood Group and Visit No. will be displayed in the grid.
1. On clicking Edit button, corresponding record will be displayed in the Outpatient Registration Screen in edit mode.
2. On clicking View button, corresponding record will be displayed in a separate view screen.
3. On clicking Add button, a new patient registration can be added Patients who has been registered in the hospital will be displayed in the grid.

Video View Guidelines : Full Screen View please select for quality view

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