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Finance Manager

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  Features / Modules
Netripples Finance Manager is a comprehensive ready to use software designed to automate the Financial Accounting of any Business Operations of any Company, Individual or be it as large Corporate Accounts. Key Operations Include Company Creation, Creating General Ledgers, Managing Purchases, Managing Sales / Issues, Managing Goods/Items receipts, Voucher payments, Journal entries, Cash Management and Reconciliation, Bank Management and Reconciliation, Funds Management, Asset Management, Budget Control Management, New User Creation, and Over 100 Individual/Summary reports via, Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Trail Balances , Final accounts, Transactions etc., are available covering all stages of Operations. User Friendly Screens with built-in Help, Security & Administration of Software along with User Management, and Print of Auto Report Headers. Key Modules covered are listed here.

Create Company : This module helps to create a company/ Departments/ Profit Centers /Divisions/ Subsidiaries and associate Companies or Holding Companies and start a Financial Accounting Process between any periodicity.

Create General Ledger : This module helps in Setup, manage, update General Ledgers, Sub Ledgers and create Chart of Accounts for created Division, Company, Subsidiary or any Profit Center.

Material/ Goods Purchases /Receipts Module : This module includes Create/Update Purchase Orders, Manage Goods Receipts, Manage Vendor Payments, Manage Purchase Returns and helps in managing the Goods and Material Purchases and manages Goods and Material receipts.

Material/ Goods Sales / Issues Module : This module includes Create Sales Invoices, Enter Sale/Payment Receipts, Sales Returns screens and helps in managing the Financial Management Issues and Sales.

Voucher Management : This module includes Enter Vouchers screen and helps in Voucher entries.

Funds Management Module : This module includes Bank Payments, Bank Receipts Reconciliations, Cash Receipts, Cash Receipts Reconciliations and Funds Transfer screens and helps in Funds management.

Assets Management Module : This module includes manage all Fixed and Current Assets, Assets Maintenance, Setup Assets Depreciation Management.

Setup Budget and Control : This module includes Setup and Management all Budgets for both revenue and Expenses and include Operations Budgets and variation analysis and you can setup budget estimates for future.

Setup and Administration Control Module : This module is the heart of the application as it helps in setting up various controls which are used all across the applications.

New User Creation : This module helps in restrict unauthorized access by setting up permissions for a user.

Reports Module : This module contains the entire important Individual and Summary reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, and Trial balance which are available for view and printing purposes.
  System Requirements
Minimum Hardware Requirement Minimum Software Requirement
  • Processor/Brand : Dual Core /Octa Core/ Core 2 duo
  • RAM : 500mb
  • Hard Disk Size : 80 GB
  • Free Space : 1 GB
  • • CD/DVD Drive/USB port : Yes
  • SQL Server - 2008,12,14 Version
  • GUI Installed : Yes
  • MS - Office : 2000 or above Version
  • Anti-Virus Status : Yes
  • Monitor size : 17 '' Monitor
  • Resolution : 1024 By 768 Pixels
  • Desktops / Laptops/ IPads: Windows 7 or windows 8/8.1,10
  • Servers: windows 2003/2008/2012
  Installation Help

After downloading the software extract the downloaded software and find the below path of setup icon to run the set up.

Step-1 : Click on the [Next >] button .On clicking [Next>] button it will open License Agreement screen. Read the EULA agreement carefully and click on the I accept the terms in the license agreement radio button .

Step-2 : Enter User Name and Organization name and click on the [Next>] button.

Step-3 : Select Complete and Click on the Next Button to start the installation process.

Step-4 : Click on the Install Button to start the installation process.

Step-5 : Now the installation process may take few minutes while installing.

Step-6 : Click on the Finish Button to complete the installation Process.

Step-6 : After installation please Click on the Desktop Shortcut Icon of Product.

Step-7 : Enter SQL Server Login Name and password then click continue.

Step-8 : Enter Product key and then click on Activate to Complete the Installtion.

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